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Mental Health & Workplace Wellbeing Programmes

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Helping to harness Mental Health in the workplace

My workshops are designed with both employers and employees in mind and deliver insightful research, accessible methodology and real life examples of how to educate yourself and support your teams mental health. I present each of my presentations to suit the audience and organisation, in person or online, and broadly include the following:

       Understanding the statistics and data of mental health across the UK & the direct impact on the business sector.

       Defining and clarifying what is meant by mental health & how this differs from mental illness.

       Psycho-education on how the brain works & the physical connection to our mental activity.

       Destigmatizing mental health in the context of Lockdown, Covid-19 & the anxieties of the workplace.

       Framing neurologically anxiety as a response to stress and how this has the capacity to affect us at work.

       Learning how to self-manage our immune system & regulate our emotions in times of difficulty.

       Functional ways to take care of our mental health & cultivate emotional resilience in stressful situations.

       Simple to implement techniques & tools to help create a healthy business culture rooted in good ethics.

       Understanding problematic behaviours & group dynamics in the context of workplace stress & mental health.

       How to identify signs of mental health in your colleagues & resourceful support for employee mental health.




Mental Health & wellness don't have to be a prohibited subjects or something that is only recognized in crisis situations; starting an open dialogue now invests in a more resilient workforce for the future. I ensure that each mental health awareness training workshop brings optimal benefit, by designing content around the specific employee audience from senior leaders through to HR, line managers and the general employee population.

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Each seminar usually takes around 1 hour, depending on the needs of the team and organisation. This is usually followed by a short Q&A session and a separate facilitated group discussions in order to create open culture and shared experience.


       1 hour workplace wellbeing seminar, presented via an informative & concise presentation, including insightful         psycho-education, statistics, data & empowering tools.

       Q&A session in which attendees are given the space to ask questions about the information presented,                         mental health, psychology and wellbeing.

       Facilitated discussion groups designed as a safe space for teams to share their experiences of mental health,               workplace stress or personal challenges without judgement and in confidence of compassionate support.             

    60 min Seminar + Q&A : £500 (inc VAT)

    60 min Facilitated Group Discussions: £500 (inc VAT)

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