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Counselling & Psychotherapy


Helping to build psychological awareness with empathy and logic

Feeling lost? Isolated? Anxious or depressed? Struggling with relationship dynamics, personal crisis or challenging life transitions? It takes real courage to seek support during times of uncertainty and stress; allowing yourself the time and space to process and heal is not self indulgent, Counselling & Psychotherapy is fundamental self care.


       Identify unconscious mindsets & limiting beliefs that keep you confined and held to the past.

       Release from negative thought patterns & move towards conscious choice in service of your health.

       Integrate and connect parts of the personality that may be in conflict & learn to be more emotionally congruent.

       Nurture positive, connected relationships whilst holding healthy and contained boundaries.

       Build a sense of trust & resilience, attune to your intuition & find a sense of meaning and value in life.

       Learning to reconnect to your authentic sense of self through holistic awareness of mind and body.

       Pinpoint negative thought patterns that lead to behavioral or emotional problems.

       Support in replacing illogical thoughts and improving them with a more rational expression.

No matter what our life circumstances, it is inevitable we can face times of turmoil and emotional challenge. Whilst we are fast to address to physical pain, our emotional pain can often remain sidelined, unconsciously controlling our thoughts and behaviours, and causing breakdown in our relationships.

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Each seminar usually takes around 1 hour, depending on the needs of the team and organisation. This is usually followed by a short Q&A session and a separate facilitated group discussions in order to create open culture and shared experience.


       1 hour workplace wellbeing seminar, presented via an informative & concise presentation, including insightful         psycho-education, statistics, data & empowering tools.

       Q&A session in which attendees are given the space to ask questions about the information presented,                         mental health, psychology and wellbeing.

       Facilitated discussion groups designed as a safe space for teams to share their experiences of mental health,               workplace stress or personal challenges without judgement and in confidence of compassionate support.             

50 min Counselling Session: £50 - £80

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