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Educational Mental Health

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Helping to provide mental health support across the education sector

Educational Mental Health support can inspire, motivate and raise the aspirations of young people. I believe that the mental wellbeing of every single child matters and is fundamentally intrinsic to there holistic growth into adulthood. My dynamic lectures are professional, empathetic, measured, informative and relatable so that students can be aware of there thoughts, feelings and emotions, so that they are best placed to support not only themselves but there peers. 



       Problem solve

       Promote approaches to emotional wellbeing

       Advise on sleep, nutrition


       Engaging and interactive

       Digestible and easy to understand approach to educational mental health that is relatable to young people.

       Evidence based information

       Helping to build a collegiate educational environment in keeping with the ethos of the school or college.

       Advise and signpost staff on further information to ensure children and young people get the right support



I deliver school assemblies / specific PSHCE lessons across the country, on topics relating to mental health and emotional wellbeing. Every young person's mental health is valuable and important, and nobody should be left behind.

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Study Group

Each interactive lecture usually takes around 1 hour, depending on the needs of the school, college or university. This is usually followed by a short Q&A session and a separate facilitated group discussions in order to create open culture and shared experience.


    1 hour workplace educational mental health lecture, presented via an informative & concise presentation, including insightful psycho-education, statistics, data & empowering tools.

       Q&A session in which students are given the space to ask questions about the information presented,                         mental health, psychology and wellbeing.

       Facilitated discussion groups designed as a safe space for teams to share their experiences of mental health,               educational stress or personal challenges without judgement and in confidence of compassionate support.             

    Open and available to speaking to schools, universities,

    colleges, and educational providers on an ad hoc basis.

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