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Executive Coaching & Leadership Development

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Helping you to harness & develop your personal & professional potential 

Public conceptions of what it takes to be a truly dynamic leader are changing. My Leadership Development programmes are designed with you relative to your specific organisational needs, using a range of learning options including online resources as needed, with a range of activities, and observation as part of ensuring all learning is embodied and embedded in the workplace.

I focus on a range of leadership development needs which is a strong foundational key to all of my programmes or seminars. I focus and analyse the overall health of the leader, which not only includes physical and mental health, but relational health and behavioral health which I fundamentally believe provides the bedrock upon which other leadership skills can be learnt and developed. Collective responsibility, integrity, curiosity, transparency, self awareness, and resilience are all part of this broader interconnected network which can be self-identified through our work.


       Develop tools and skills to create structure and stability in your personal & professional life.

       Creating clear goals so that you can integrate into your life & adapt to create success.

       Establish your strengths and weaknesses to initiate change and improve your overall development.

       Uncover blind spots that may have missed your attention through the use of psychology & modelling.

       Develop your communication skills to support and influence people within your sphere of influence.

       Enhance your holistic development with a view to empowering not just your mind but also your body.

       Improve your self-awareness and critical thinking to make more informed decisions & commitments.

       Understand self-regulation so you can manage your time effectively & avoid symptoms of burnout or stress.

       Harness your overall emotional intelligence to improve relationship building & conflict resolution skills.

       Maximise your innate value through performance management that is in line with your objectives.


Are you a leader or emerging leader looking to make a significant impact? Do you have an innovative vision and want to shift the nature of leadership? We are living in a fast evolving and dynamic era; if there was ever a time we needed competent leaders – the time is now. 

Casual Business Meeting
Colleagues Working Together

Each seminar usually takes around 1 hour, depending on the needs of the team and organisation. This is usually followed by a short Q&A session and a separate facilitated group discussions in order to create open culture and shared experience.


       1 hour workplace wellbeing seminar, presented via an informative & concise presentation, including insightful         psycho-education, statistics, data & empowering tools.

       Q&A session in which attendees are given the space to ask questions about the information presented,                         mental health, psychology and wellbeing.

       Facilitated discussion groups designed as a safe space for teams to share their experiences of mental health,               workplace stress or personal challenges without judgement and in confidence of compassionate support.             








    60 min coaching session: £60

    2 hour coaching session: £110

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